Continuous company growth and soon in our own building…

We plan to undertake these expansions on the Pforzheim site.

Consequently, we are confident that we can meet the growing demands of the medical industry and increase our ability to provide customers with the desired products and services.

Our proposed plan will expand the site area by a total of 1.400m2 by 3.200m2. The new cleanroom alone will be expanded by 300m2, increasing its size almost threefold. The concept for the new building combines a focus on materials and production, allowing us to optimise our processes.

Combined with the new expanded experimental laboratory and education centre, these plans demonstrate a milestone in our journey to become a full service partner with FDA approval.

Additionally, the new building will be easily accessible by public transport, located near the Pforzheim North motorway exit.

The project is expected to be completed by April/May 2016.

Customer Service

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